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Robin Williams, What?!

"Robin Williams Dead at 63 from a Suspected Suicide"

A few images of the amazing films starring Robin Williams . . .
A few images of the amazing films starring Robin Williams . . .
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The Amazing Robin Williams, a man who truly impacted my life

And there I was on Monday reading that and the first thing I think is, please let it be a hoax; only later to find out that it was not only an accurate news report but that it was also confirmed a suicide as if a part of me hoped for an accidental death as if accidental death would soften the pain.

Robin Williams has been a role model of mine for many years; most likely beginning with the “Mork and Mindy” era. As time went on, I continued to watch and follow and emulate him, in my own shy and introverted manner. In the beginning it was more so just the comedy of this man that I appreciated however; the more I watched and opened myself to his gifts, the more I grew to love him as a comedic genius as well as a human genius.

Over the years of being a ‘fan,” I would come to see many different faces of the comedian and the man.

I saw how he would band together with Whoopi Goldberg and Billy Crystal to raise money for the homeless. I laughed until I could not breathe watching his unique style of comedy. I heard him speak about friendship and love when he spoke and teared up after his close friend Christopher Reeve was injured and then years later made his transition. I heard him speak live in New York City after my sister Tray intuitively won us tickets to see him perform on Broadway in the Bengal Tiger and he spoke to the audience and they held a bid to raise money for another cause of service. And then there are the myriad of movies in which he touched my life and inspired me. He is actually one of the main reasons I wanted to be an actor; long before I knew what it meant to use star-power to serve the world, I was striving to make a difference like my role model.

I remember years ago finding out about his drug addictions and then looking at my own life experience and how I have used “substances” to quell my own inner demons and dragons. Now, the media reports that he was suffering from depression and I remember. . . and I wonder. . . Was that one of the things that drew me to him in the first place. There was the growing up as an only child which I could oddly relate to despite having several older brothers and now there was this, shadow side; this side of suffering. I remember my years of depression, therapy, and medication to help bring me back to the light. I remember being on the brink of suicide as those ideations flooded my mind. I remember this past month, after a family member mentioned to me the thought of suicide, and how in my already highly emotional state I began to wonder if death would be better than what I was feeling at the particular time.

I mention all of this about Robin Williams in the midst of a world at the tipping point. . .
There are young men and women, boys and girls dying in wars across this planet.
There are young men and women, boys and girls dying in neighborhoods across this country!
There are people boycotting funerals in the name of Jesus.
There are government officials who could care less about being for the people when big dollars reign.
There are men and women fighting for the “rights” to marry and youth being bullied and beaten for being LGBTQ.
There are big businesses destroying the planet, the air, the ecology, and the food to line their pockets while the pharmaceutical companies deny medications to cure because disease is a trillion dollar industry.
There are people still divided racially seeing a color rather than a person.

And I mention all of this because one thing I learned from the Mystic (my choice of words) Robin Williams is that it is possible to see beyond these boundaries, it is possible to unite, it is possible to love and it is possible to serve one another…We do not have to sit idly by watching the world burn.
Each one of us has a greatness within us that can be put to use.
Each one of us is a genius in our own way and that gift or genius is to be shared.
Each one of us has the ability to use our words and ideas to change the world!

“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.”
**Robin Williams

I have no doubt that laughter served as a major catalyst in my own healing process (which is still a work in progress) and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Robin Williams was one of the many master teachers that served to awaken the light within me and I will forever be grateful to this gentle soul for that gift!

So as a metaphysician who does not see death as I once did and as a human who feels the loss of a close friend whom I never knew personally, I do not ask why he would choose suicide, why he would choose to end his life because that is a question that neither I nor any of us will never have answered while on this side of life; rather I ask what did I learn from him and how can I honor that and seize the day?

Remember the man and honor him best by making a change as he did.
Bring love, support, laughter, and light into the lives of as many people as YOU can!

Together let us resound,
“O’ Captain, my captain! You our dear genie are … free! We love you and we thank you!”


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