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Robin Williams video goodbye message: Is this real or a hoax?

Robin Williams
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Ever since the loss of Robin Williams fans have been looking for answers. There has not been a suicide note released. Now a post is all over social networks that wants people to click on it. This post says that it is a goodbye message from Robin Williams. On Sunday, IB Times shared if this was a hoax or not.

These links are a hoax. There is not really a video like that out there. It is being posted by scammers so that they can get you to click on it and take advantage of you. If you click on the link, you will end up on a fake site. It looks like a BBC News website, but it is just a fake on. This video doesn't exist at all.

The next way that they get you is by telling you that you will have to share the link before you can see the video. People will post it on their page so they can see it. This gets their fans to click on it and do the exact same thing. It has now been shared over 24 million times on Facebook so they are obviously getting what they want from people.

The website Snopes also shared that it is fake. This website is known for finding out if you can trust something or if it is a hoax. It eventually gets you to a page where you like things or share things for them. This is the way that they can get you to download software that is not safe and even get you to enter your personal information.

There is not really a video from Robin Williams that says goodbye to his family and friends. He never taped anything like this before he died. It would be great if he would have left this, but he did not and this is all just a scam.

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