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Robin Williams tribute tattoos? Fans pay respect to late actor with ink

Robin Williams death shocks fans
Robin Williams death shocks fans
Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images

Robin Williams’ death had many fans reflecting on the actor’s life and all the laughs he offered over his career. While the news is still setting in for some fans, others people are looking for ways to pay tribute. The news broke of Robin Williams’ death has set heavy on fans and people are still grieving. According to People magazine on Saturday, Williams’ death stunned the nation this week and fans are dealing with the pain and loss of the popular entertainer.

As everyone has their own way to grieve, some fans are deciding to member the star by getting tattoos of the actor on their bodies. As many celebrities are honored by tattoos, it appears that the news of Williams’ passing has been a deciding factor for people to get the ink done immediately.

The ITV News is reporting that the most popular tattoo to remember the late actor is a picture of his face. Placing it on thighs, backs and even on the neck, people are looking to honor the man who impacted their lives with some permanent ink. This memorial offers a chance for the tattoo to be seen by other people and in the world of entertainment is considered one of the biggest honors by celebrities.

The images of the character that Robin Williams once played seem to be popular choices. Williams in character, as Peter Pan in the 1991 film “Hook” has been requested as so has his genius look in “Flubber.” Most of the tattoos are of the entertainer’s face and offer a symbolic look at his roles in TV and films.

The Emmy Awards have announced that the tribute to the late actor is in the works, but it appears that fans have found a personal way to offer a tribute as well. The idea of placing a permanent tattoo on the body to share their love for an individual isn’t small and it goes to show just what a strong impact this man had on the world. He made the world laugh and fans haven’t forgotten his passion.