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Robin Williams tribute a VMAs afterthought? Kevin McHale calls it 'offensive'

Robin Williams tribute was before Beyonce at the VMAs
Robin Williams tribute was before Beyonce at the VMAs
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

The Emmy Awards on Monday night are expected to offer a touching Robin Williams tribute that will reflect on the life of the talented entertainer. However, before the Emmys even started, it was the MTV VMAs that offered fans a look at Robin Williams’ life and it wasn't a very good moment. According to Time Magazine on Monday, the segment was 23 seconds long and confusing.

Using the word “tribute” might be too generous when it comes to reflecting on the segment offered by the VMAs. It aired unannounced, lasted only 23 seconds, was only a few pictures and ended immediately without applause or explanation. Coldplay’s single “A Sky Full of Stars” was heard in the background and even the music didn't make much sense. Viewers had little time to reflect on the moment and people were bewildered that the ending was an immediate commercial break.

Some folks feel the segment was offensive to the late actor and had no business being part of the show as it was shared. This includes “Glee” actor Kevin McHale who offered up his thoughts on the segment. Just like other folks, he called out the VMAs and reflected on the segment as “offensive.”

The idea of honoring an actor, whether it is Robin Williams or someone else, usually gives fans a moment to reflect and appreciate the life. It appeared that the VMAs has a quick 25 seconds to spare and decided to just put together a few pictures to fill some time. In the process, they have upset many fans who felt the memory of the actor should have done without so much rush and in good taste.