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Robin Williams: He made us laugh and now he makes us cry

The world is in shock to hear news about the world’s funniest man. According to CBC News published August 11, 2012, Robin Williams, “was the funniest guy in the room, something that made it all the harder for friends and fans to accept that beneath that reservoir of frenetic energy and seemingly endless good humour resided demons so dark they could push Robin Williams to suicide.”

Robin Williams
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CBC goes on to say that it was said that Robin Williams made somebody laugh so hard in the audience that it gave him a hernia. He was also said to be the first person to make Christopher Reeves (superman) laugh after his accident.
I don’t think it could be said better than that for Robin Williams was one of a kind and so loved by so many people. He was a comedic genius. He was also a great actor.

He made us laugh in Mork and Mindy, Mrs. Doubtfire, and many other films. He entertained us. He was the voice behind the scenes in Good Morning Vietnam, he was a versatile actor. He made us cry, he tugged at the very essence of our being.

Now he is has tugged at our heart one more time. He again makes us cry. His spirit has left this world and there will never be another comedian actor and human being quite like him.

Robin was like therapy to his fans, yet his own personal demons were not addressed by therapy. Even though he must have known the world loved him he did not quite believe it or believe in himself. The millions of fans could not help him, his family could not help; the doctors could not help him. He sunk so deep into depression that nobody could reach Robin Williams anymore. Although he held the world in his hands, he felt he no longer had anything to live for.

Robin Williams committed suicide. The funny man did not feel funny deep down inside. He was lost forever.

I know his death has profoundly rocked the world for it has profoundly shaking mine. It will take a long time for our hearts to heal from the shock of his death. We cannot help but ask why?

Why would a man who seemed to have it all even through his drug and alcohol addictions want to end his life when he had such a brilliant career envied by many?

The sad truth is that the warning signs may have been there to those closest to him; but, his family, friends, peers, and fans just did not want to see it.

Now we mourn and say if only way looked beyond the glory to the soul of the real man Robin Williams and not the act he had trained to portray. If only we had reached out to the man he may still have been with us today; if only...

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