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Robin Thicke pleads for wife Paula Patton to come back during live performance

R&B singer Robin Thicke may have separated from his wife actress Paula Patton but if he continues to pull stunts like he did during a live performance in Virginia where as TMZ reported on Thursday Feb. 27, he openly admitted to the crowd that he's trying to get his girl back...and he may just have a shot at rebuilding his marriage with being this open and forward.

I'm trying to get my girl back

"For those of you who don't know my wife and I got separated a few days ago," is the information Thicke shared with the audience as the musicians played softly in the background the tune to one of his more popular love ballads, "Lost Without You." The news of the separation broke on Monday Feb. 24 when a rep of the couple's shared with CNN this statement: "We will always love each other and be best friends, however, we have mutually decided to separate at this time."

Since then, Patton has remained fairly silent about the split but Thicke on the other hand wants the world to know that he is not giving up on saving his marriage. A representative for TMZ caught up with the singer and asked him several questions surrounding the break up and Robin's response was simply "I'm just trying to get her back." He was also asked if he thought the very raunchy performance between he and Miley Cyrus at the VMAs had anything to do with the break up; which most fans have been speculating but Robin brushed off those rumors with a response of "nah" and setting the record straight.

Now, he's at it again letting the world know that he's trying to get his girl back and he wants everyone to know. He explains how Paula told him if you want me back then you should go out there and tell them the truth....tell them how you want me back. And that's exactly what he did. Who knows, maybe these attempts will fix whatever wrong has been done and these two who have been together since teenage years and married since 2005, can rebuild whatever has been broken.

Good luck Robin! Get your girl back.

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