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Robin Thicke, Paula Patton news: New details emerge on split

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New details have emerged on the Robin Thicke-Paula Patton split. Paula is open to taking Robin back if certain conditions are met, Robin lied about being blindsided by the separation, new insight on how Paula Patton really felt about the Miley Cyrus VMA twerking incident. This news report is based on March news reports from, The Hollywood Gossip, Fashion & Style, and other media outlets. Details below.

  • Paula Patton Open to Taking Robin Thicke Back if Certain Conditions Are Met

Paula has not lawyered up yet, nor has she filed any papers, although she reportedly initiated the separation from Robin Thick as a prelude to divorce. Sources indicate that she is open to saving her marriage to Robin Thicke but only after he meets certain conditions.

Sources close to the couple say Paula Patton has served notice that tears and sad songs from Robin will not do the trick. After his incessant womanizing, Paula says Robin must prove to her that he can be a faithful husband to her. With the help of the paparazzi, she’s keeping her eye on his every move. See Paula Patton Using Paparazzi to Keep Tabs on Cheating Husband Robin Thicke.

Robin recently shared his marital problems with his concert audience and stated his determination to win his estranged wife back. See Robin Thicke Shares Marriage Problems with Concert Audience. But now Robin is finding out that winning Paula back is not going to be as easy as he thinks. See Robin Thicke Not Giving Up on His Marriage.

After cancelling three concerts to flying to Vancouver to persuade Paula to change her mind, and bombarding her with multiple deliveries of lavish bouquets of white flowers, Paula still remains unmoved.

So it looks like Robin has a lot of work to do. If he wants his wife back he has to show more respect for her and mend his cheating ways

  • Robin Thicke Begged Paula to Stand by Him Through VMA Twerking Incident

The controversial twerking incident with Miley Cyrus was completely unplanned, was totally unrehearsed, and came as a surprise. What upset Paula Patton was that when Miley started her sexual-charged gyrations, Robin willingly played along.

Although Paula led the media to believe that the incident didn’t bother her, it’s now being reported that she was highly upset and not okay with how the whole Miley Cyrus twerking incident went down.

Paula only pretended not to care because Robin begged her to stand by him and support him. But behind the scenes all hell broke loose Paula told friends she felt utterly “disrespected” because Robin insulted her in front of a national TV audience.

  • Friends Say Robin Thicke, Paula Patton Split Was a Long Time Coming

Robin Thicke claims he was blindsided by Paula’s request for a separation sources close to the couple say otherwise. Robin and Paula’s marriage has been plagued with persistent rumors of infidelity sources close to the couple are surprised it took Paula so long to call it quits. . Robin was well aware that Paula was unhappy with his behavior around other women. Apparently he didn’t think Paula would pull the plug on their 9-year since she’s put up with his womanizing for so long, but it looks like Paula Patton called his bluff.

Things finally came to a head after the Miley Cyrus VMA twerking incident. Apparently Paula had finally had enough.

Robin’s womanizing behavior over the next few weeks behavior didn’t exactly help his case, and only made the situation worse.

He followed up the twerking incident by groping socialite Lana Scolaro from behind with his hand under her dress, not realizing that the mirror they were standing in front of revealed his every move which was caught on camera by paparazzi photographing the incident.

The following month, Robin was photographed having an intimate encounter with an unidentified woman in Paris.

Check back frequently for updates on the Robin Thicke - Paula Patton split to see if Robin will be successful in his efforts to win Paula Patton back.


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