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Robin Thicke: A great example of what not to do

Thicke at the 2014 BET Awards
Thicke at the 2014 BET Awards
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for BET

Robin Thicke has a new album out July 1st titled “Paula”. The latest installment of this album, and the associated public fiasco, came at the BET Awards when he prefaced his performance with “I'd like to dedicate this to my wife. I miss you and I'm sorry."

The music video for his song “Get Her Back” was the public's first glimpse into the new album; and if you haven’t seen it yet, you should. This video, as well Thicke’s insistent actions, started a trending rampage against Thicke as numerous people and media sources gave their two cents.

Why he’s doing it

This video is just one example of Thicke’s newest goal: get Paula back. Paula Patton has been his wife for nine years and has consistently been the inspiration for his music. A couple of his songs that were written with her in mind are “Lost Without U” and “Love After War”. However, several months ago the two announced that they were separating.

It's been assumed they broke up because of his notorious and all too public cheating.

Apparently Thicke’s pleadings are his attempt to get Paula back, but if she’s reacting at all like the public, that may not be accomplished.

How people are reacting

Some people think he’s being a romantic. Others think his music is dull regardless.

Not many people have a positive attitude toward his actions or music, and the most negative view seems to be one in particular: the creepy stalker.

Following in the footsteps of his song “Blurred Lines”, this singer still believes that no means yes. His “Get Her Back” music video shows several disturbing instances of a obsessive relationship. Within this music video Thicke shows a woman drowning, himself bleeding, various text messages, and a daunting final text of “this is just the beginning”. Many are saying this video clearly romanticizes stalking, and disapprove of all Thicke’s public efforts.

Whether Paula takes the bait or not, it doesn’t seem like the public will.

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