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Robin Hood, Mercury in Taurus by Terry Nazon

It's the last day of April and the day is ruled by the planet Mercury who right now is getting ready to aspect the planet Saturn in the sign of Scorpio. The planet Mercury is all about communications and in Taurus all about money. However the sign of Taurus rules listening ans he starts to oppose Saturn in the sign of Scorpio ruler of all things lucrative, powerful and secret, he's sending messages and lots of em. being privy to conversation or overhearing things could prove beneficial as Mercury aspects Jupiter today! It's a Robin Hood scenario ripe for the taking!

Mercury is a messenger planet and as such he collects information, relays information, and makes us think, and while Mercury is opposing Saturn we are juggling things in our mind trying to get everything done and wondering how things are going to get done and paid on time, We know betrayal lies in wait too! in our day to day activities Mercury aspecting Saturn can bring unexpected delays, like being caught in traffic or computer problems and even cell phone connection troubles, so give yourself plenty of time to get places and if you have to make a call to a customer service department sit down with your favorite beverage, it could be a while. However, in the money signs everything is up for grabs.

The stakes are high and Mercury is the trickster after all, I like to think of this aspect as a kind of Robin Hood aspect!

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