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Robin Badillo on Paranormal Romance

Retribution: Journey of the Damned 1
Retribution: Journey of the Damned 1
Robin Badillo

Robin Badillo is a writer of paranormal romance for young adults—an extremely popular genre these days for readers of almost any age. Her books include “a new kind of vampire”, the kind that breaks the rules of life and love.

Welcome to the Examiner, Robin. What prompted you to start writing paranormal romance?

I hadn't read a paranormal romance novel in years until my daughter introduced me to TWILIGHT a couple of years ago. As soon as I finished the series all I wanted to do was write.

Who was the first paranormal romance author you remember reading?

Anne Rice was the first paranormal author I remember reading, romantic or not.

Rice is a great example of how writing should be done, and she’s been popular for many years. But how long have you been writing in this sub-genre?

I've been writing in this genre for about eighteen months.

So, are your stories more character-based or plot-based?

I like to think that my stories are more character based, since a character is what I first develop, but the plot direction has been known to influence behavior as the story evolves.

Is there humor in your books, or are they fairly serious?

I'm a rather sarcastic person and one-liners are part of who I am, so I try to give at least one character that special personality that tends to be slightly "off" and right there to crack the joke at otherwise inappropriate times.

It’s always fun to read an off-beat character like that. They’re fun to write about, too. Other than the occasional wisecracking character, what are your favorite types of paranormal characters to write about?

My favorite paranormal characters are generally vampires and include strong independent women who find men that are secure enough with their masculinity not to be intimidated by a woman who can take charge.

What are the most important ingredients of a compelling paranormal romance?

In my opinion, I expect paranormal romances to push the envelope and imagination. I like it when a story introduces something different and offers that element of surprise that I didn't see coming.

Please tell us about your latest book.

My first release, JOURNEY OF THE DAMNED: RETRIBUTION, is the first installment in a trilogy chronicling the life of a newly created vampire, who at first has amnesia. Her story grows and develops as she grows into a strong leader who realizes she had what it took all along, the journey was just part of the process.

Amnesia…that’s a very interesting twist. What was your favorite scene to write in this book?

My favorite part of this story was the emotional betrayal. I cried with her and felt the pain she felt when her world seemed to crumble around her. I also reveled in her tenacity and determination when it came down to the final battle.

Which character was your favorite to create?

My favorite character to create was strangely not the hero and heroine. Their best friends and side-kicks were. Porscha and Saul were the type of friends any good hero or heroine should have and showed what type of people Demetri and Sydney really were. You're only as strong, loyal or resilient as the company you keep.

Where can readers find you on the internet?

My e-book, JOURNEY OF THE DAMNED: RETRIBUTION, can be found and downloaded from Devine Destinies. ( I can be found at my website my blogspot at



  • Kelly Berry 4 years ago

    You always had it in girl. We are so proud and I can't wait to finish the book.

  • Jude Cwalenski 4 years ago

    Great books. I can't put them down. I'm never disappointed when I read Robin's work. What I liked about this book is that it's so different from the usual PNR's I've been reading lately. Enjoyed the humor too.

  • Kamala Navarro 4 years ago

    Love you and love the book. Your so....... talented. Can't wait for the others to come out. I knew you would do this one day. I'm super proud of you. Keep up all the good work. Love you bunches!!!

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    I fell in love with the books and Robin couldn't write fast enough. Great job and keep them coming...

  • Avril 4 years ago

    Great job, Robin. Can't wait to read!

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