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Robert Whitlow's 'The List' is overpowering

"The List" book cover
"The List" book cover

Is "The List" a force for good or unthinkable wickedness?

Robert Whitlow, best-selling author of legal novels and winner of the prestigious Christy Award for Contemporary Fiction, gives us a powerful reminder of the influence our daily lives have on those around us with his book "The List". Delivering numerous supernatural events, this novel's style reminds one of Christian author Frank Peretti's distinctive manner, also, of John Grisham's intense writing method.

Renny Jacobson, a young lawyer, expecting to acquire a massive fortune after his father's death finds instead that his father has given the estate to several charities. Renny is left with "The List", which is comprised of a group of old Southern families who united during the Civil War to provide for their immediate families. This inheritance is really a membership in a secret society with a very potent dark side.

Overwhelmed by the implications of binding himself by signing the List's covenant in blood,  Renny is perplexed over his next steps.  After he meets Jo, a spirited woman who wants nothing at all to do with "The List", he begins to see his need for God to intervene. Will Renny be able to conquer it's grip? He will risk all to overcome the impact of The List. Renny's life and the life of the woman he loves, depends on unearthly deliverance from the power of the curse.  

The screen version of  "The List"  based on the same book, stars Malcolm McDowell, Chuck Carrington, Hilarie Burton, and Will Patton.  This movie of the novel doesn't come close to revealing the passionate darkness that would seem to overpower Renny at every turn within the book's written words. Whitlow's spiritual tone throughout the story is deeply rooted in his own Christian faith. It is conveyed very well through the author's narrative.

"The List" was the first of a growing number of books by Robert Whitlow that are suspense-filled Christian works that will hold your attention with pleasurable ease. Other books by Robert Whitlow include: The Trial, The Sacrifice, Life Support, Life Everlasting, and Mountain Top. Two newest editions by Whitlow, Deeper Water and Higher Hope, follow Tami Taylor, a young Christian law clerk, as she struggles with life, love, and law.