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Robert Pattinson plans 2014 Kristen Stewart gift: Hoax news source

The no-name source is back. Remember the no-name who spoke exclusively regarding Kristen Stewart’s Thanksgiving dinner for Robert Pattinson? It may have been the same source who created the Christmas story about the problem between Stewart and Pattinson's sisters. Next the no-name source gave exclusive details on the supposed New Year lovebird reunion on the Isle of Wight. Now no-name has all the details about a belated Christmas gift that Pattinson has planned for Stewart. So convincing is this story that International Business Times, Australia reported on Jan. 2, 2013: Robert Pattinson: His Special Holiday and Make-Up Gift for Her Revealed. And this from Showbiz Spy: Actress to Get a Special Gift!

A gift for Kristen?
Jason Merritt/ Getty Images

But keep in mind that it was from Hollywood Life that the reunion ruse and these other tabloid tales originated as you read here: Best 2013 hoax: Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and New Year news.

A speck of truth?

What are the chances for this special gift? Perhaps there is one smidgen of truth in the story. Apparently artist Nettie Wakefield and Pattinson saw each other in London over the holidays. Did they wave to each other from across the street? Did they meet for drinks or dinner? If they were out together, why wasn’t it all over the news?

In any case, the next tale to surface from Hollywood Life claims that Pattinson is “thinking about having a new piece of her work commissioned just for Kristen.” This quote from Showbiz Spy acknowledges the source of what may become yet another hoax,

As for me, I am curious about Pattinson hooking up with Dakota Fanning in Brooklyn, New York on Tuesday, as reported by Entertainmentwise on Jan. 3, 2013: Move Over Kristen Stewart!

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