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Robert Pattinson in movie adaptation of Bel Ami..Ooh la la!

Robert Pattinson/  photo
  Robert Pattinson/  photo

Robert Pattinson will be playing the lead roll in “Remember Me his co-stars in this movie include, 28-year-old Emilie de Ravin, and as a father figure non other than the Irish mega hunk, and former 007, Pierce Brosnan. The movie makes it’s debut in theaters March, 2010. 

Unfortunately the 23-year-0ld actor will not be spending much time promoting the movie in the states due to his

engagement to yet another film he’s in, Bel Ami which began filming in Europe earlier this week reports E!Online. His co-stars are Uma Thurman, Christina Ricci and Kristin Scott Thomas.  

 It is the movie adaptation of French writer Guy De Maupassant.  Pattinson plays a Parisian journalist who gains influence and power through his connections and exploitation of some very affluent women of the day.
 He resumes his role as Edward Cullen, when Twilight’s third installment, Eclipse hits theaters on June 2010.

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  • Becky, Cleve. Family Examiner 5 years ago

    Cool - Pierce Brosnan and Rob together - mmmmm - who will I be looking at more? Sounds fun!

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