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Robert Pattinson may be in the doghouse, Kristen's BFF is 2014 gift key

Why does any woman's guy hook up with her best female friend? Most often it is because he is in the doghouse and wants to know what he can do to get back into her good graces and her bed. What's the best gift? The BFF always knows. That may be why Robert Pattinson was out to lunch with Kristen Stewart's friend, Dakota Fanning, while Stewart was no where in sight. Today, Jan. 4, 2013, Entertainmentwise reported: Robert Pattinson's To Give 'Personal Gift' To Former Girlfriend. And just yesterday, they said: Move Over Kristen Stewart! Fanning and Pattinson were apparently spotted on New Year’s Eve day in Brooklyn, New York. And you guessed it, Hollywood Life had the exclusive. Mstarz also suggested on Jan.3, 2014 that the couple "will be back together after the holidays?” The big question mark has us wondering.

Kristen Stewart's BFF friend may help Pattinson out of dog house
Photo by Juan Naharro Gimenez/Getty Images

Photo of Fanning and the gift story, fact or fiction?

Perhaps Fanning has been in touch with Pattinson all along and it was really Fanning who helped him decide on a 2014 gift to make amends. Keep in mind that the Fanning photos and the gift story are from the same tabloid that created the New Year's Eve hoax.

Anyone remember this story from last year which showed the obvious photo misrepresentation? I titled it: Robert Pattinson at Monkey Bar: Photo without Kris tells 1000 lies.

The doghouse and Garrison gossip

Here is another possible reason for the hook up without Stewart. Perhaps Pattinson has heard the rumors of Lane Garrison and wants the scoop. As you read here: Khloe Kardashian and Kristen Stewart: New men, flirting and sleepovers. Nonetheless, if he could make it to Brooklyn in the afternoon, and didn't catch a flight to Los Angeles, he should be in the doghouse!

What we know to be true -- the facts

Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning are good friends. Here are their photos together in mid-December which Entertainmentwise published: Kristen Stewart Can't Resist A Selfie As She Parties With Dakota. And there is a great photo from E! Online: Kristen Stewarts Hits Chanel Show With Dakota Fanning.

We also know that Stewart did not fly off to London to be with Pattinson. As such there was no kissing under the mistletoe as you read here from one whose suspicions ran high: Mistletoe kiss, mistletoe miss.

Still suspicious

Although the tabloid claims to have exclusive photos, none show Fanning or Pattinson sitting together. It seems that Hollywood Life is working overtime to make up for the credibility lost with a series of holiday stories filled with misinformation.

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