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Robert Pattinson Denies Indiana Jones and Star Wars Rumors

Robert Pattinson wishes he could play Indiana Jones, but will he?
Robert Pattinson wishes he could play Indiana Jones, but will he?

Save the "frail old man" jokes in regards to Harrison Ford's injury on the Star Wars: Episode VII set, he'll recover in time to finish up playing Han Solo, possibly for the last time. Although there's probably a good joke in there somewhere about him getting injured now when he skated through The Expendables 3 with no problem. Anyway, an unintended consequence of the injury is stirring up recent rumors Ford, who is now 71 years old, could be replaced by Robert Pattinson as Indiana Jones or Han Solo in a Star Wars spinoff.

Just how credible those rumors ever were is up for debate but that didn't stop Pattinson from getting asked about them by People while discussing his new film, The Rover. And as expected Pattinson not only denied the rumors, he sounds as if he's never heard of them. When asked about Indy, he said...

Pattinson: "I don't know why. Why is that coming out? I honestly don't understand what it's all about. Man, i wish."

And it was much the same when questioned about Star Wars...

Pattinson: "I didn't even know there was a Han Solo spinoff coming out. Sounds like a cool spinoff. I'll watch it."

What? You mean R-Patz isn't obsessed with every bit of Star Wars news like the rest of us? Now that I truly find hard to believe. Pattinson has been steering clear of franchises ever since the Twilight nightmare ended, so it never really seemed likely he'd want to be part of the Disney machine. After press on The Rover is done he'll jump into Olivier Assayas' gangster film, Idol's Eye, which shoots this November.

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