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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: Sex with benefits

In the world of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, we know three things about the couple. They fared famously as “Twilight” lovebirds over the years. They are masters of disguise to escape the paparazzi. And they have made headlines for their sex capers. Oftentimes it is the sex with friendship benefits that trips up couples whether in Hollywood or your hometown. With the former Twilight lovebirds, right now the media is speculating on a highly improbable reconciliation. BREATHcast noted on June 12, 2014, “Rob Admits Having Casual Relationship with Ex-Girlfriend.” Let’s not confuse history, love, and sex.

Trying to entice Pattinson
Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Also on June 12, 2014, Classicate took the speculation a step further calling them friends with benefits in, “'Twilight' Robert Pattinson Dating Kristen Stewart.” Any woman who has been in a long-term relationship knows the allure of going back to a former lover when the chips are down. Even ex- wives find themselves in bed with ex-husbands. Why is that? In times of stress or depression, we go back to what we know.

The allure of sex with a long time friend

Just over a year ago Showbiz Spy broke the news that the two were rocking away, hot and steamy, as they kissed and made up after the so-called cheating scandal. Was Stewart playing the sex kitten role after remembering that Pattinson apparently loves her red hot pedicures and those spike heels of hers? As we all watched the scenes play out between the lovebirds, Stewart was seen sporting see-through dresses and spike heels on the red carpets. Although she auctioned off one nearly nude number, a dress auction for charity, she definitely went into peek-a-boo mode.

A word about make-up sex

It appeared then – as it may be playing out now -- that Pattinson and Stewart are into a makeup sex game that has them hooked. While making love is far better than making war, researchers tell us that if you let makeup sex become a habit, it eventually undermines a relationship.

As for Pattinson and Stewart, the two have enough history that a reconciliation may not be too far fetched. They may have needed the away time to see how much they missed each other. Some fans still hope for possibility that they will marry.

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