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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: Reunion rumors are a tease

What oftentimes happens with couples who want privacy -- whether living in Hollywood or in their own community -- is happening with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. People who do not want to reveal too much about themselves become vague when questioned. But vagueness triggers interpretation. When the former lovebirds give interviews they say so little that their words become fair game for publications wishing to write creative fiction. In a July 13, 2014 issue of ENSTARS, we read, "'Twilight' Actor is ‘Trying to Hide Things from Everyone.'" Such coyness has led to “reunion” rumors as reported on July 12, 2014 by the International Business Times, UK.

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Let’s consider the source and timing. After it was reported in June that Stewart and Pattinson were living together – stemming from Pattinson’s joking with Jimmy Kimmel that he was “homeless” -- Hollywood Life went into full swing. They claimed Pattinson very often stays at Stewart’s home when she is out of town. But as with the game of telephone, each time the story was repeated, it became more intimate. Soon the gossips talked of romance. As such, the publication with little credibility, according to Gossip Cop, suddenly created enough whispers to be picked up by other outlets with questionable credibility. And a “Twilight” lovers so-called reunion was launched.

Gossip Cop weighs in

Attempting to set the record straight, Gossip Cop has worked overtime to dispel rumors that Stewart and Pattinson had an open relationship, that Katy Perry is interfering with their relationship, and that the two have reunited. None of this is true according to their sources, which are oftentimes right on the mark. In fact, with regard to Stewart cutting her hair to “purge” herself from Pattinson, Gossip Cop was even more harsh. They noted: “The webloid, which will post virtually anything if it can trick people into clicking, is lying.” Stewart dyed and cut her hair for a new movie role.

What is really happening here is simply this. The former “Twilight” lovers are getting on with their lives. The less they say, the more the gossips twist the truth. And the more gossip, the easier it is for fans to fall into the wishing thinking of a romantic reunion. Sad to say, it is just a tease.

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