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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: Reunion madness heats up

How quickly we forget. As news of a possible reunion heats up, we seem to forget that the last time a story about the “Twilight” lovebirds swept through the Internet like tumbleweed, it had no basis in fact. The International Business Times, UK edition, pointed out on June 16, 2014, “Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Reunion: Twilight Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Reunion: Twilight Star Moves in With Stewart and Publicly Ignores Katy Perry?” Fans wishing for a reunion between the two look for little signs that might signal that their wish will come true – “Twilight” lovers together again.

Reunion madness heats up
Kevin Winter/ Getty images

To keep it all juicy, Celebrity Dirty Laundry, also on June 16, 2014, asked if Pattinson was “dating Katy Perry and living with Kristen Stewart?.” Anything is possible in the world of imagination.

The reality and the Stewart haters

The reality of a reunion is unlikely especially since the gossip seems to be originating from one of the most unreliable of tabloids. And while the media seems to keep pushing for reconciliation, there are many fans still angry at Stewart for allegedly betraying Pattinson. These haters ignore the fact that Gossip Cop said there was no sex involved in Stewart’s little escapade with her “Snow White” producer.

Emotional infidelity

It seems that all the cheating talk about Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders was basically a case of emotional infidelity spiced with hot kisses and no sex. This exclusive report two years ago by Gossip Cop pointed out, “Kristen Stewart Never Had Sex.” Why did she feel so guilty? It was apparently a case of emotional infidelity that often leads down the slippery slope of sexual intimacy. But torrid affair? Sorry, folks.

Falling for a hoax

As you read here earlier, we were suspicious of a Thanksgiving story that originated with Hollywood Life and was squashed here even before Gossip Cop weighed in. The same questionable source created a Christmas story that made headlines. Then the fabricated tale of New Year on the Isle of Wight surfaced and traveled the Internet despite the same source, Hollywood Life, which is also the source for this living together gossip.

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