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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart news: His infidelity, fact and fiction

The fascination between the former “Twililght” lovebirds is never-ending. After a story last week that Rupert Sanders is still in love with Kristen Stewart -- the infamous married man with whom she allegedly had an affair -- now it’s Robert Pattinson’s turn, so say the headlines. On Feb. 22, 2014 MStars News at reported that “Robert Pattinson 'dumps' Kristen Stewart for Caitlin Cronenberg.” And a similar type publication called Enstars at on the same day said, “Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson Break Up?: Actor Caught With A Married Woman on the New Set ‘Life’?”

Is it over?
Kevin Winter/ Getty Images

What are the facts and fiction?

Caitlin Cronenberg and Pattinson are friends and the need to turn them into possible lovers is simply tabloid fodder.

The facts are these: Caitlin married an attorney in September. She knows Pattinson through her father, David Cronenberg, noted director of "Cosmopolis" which starred Pattinson. She apparently stopped by the set of the filming of “Life,” the story of the friendship between James Dean and photographer Dennis Stock, who worked for Life magazine.

The Stewart-Pattinson break-up: There was a break-up between Pattinson and Stewart long ago. Any thoughts of an ongoing relationship of selfies and Skyping are simply the figments of imagination from the teller of tales, "Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: Dog Skyping is tabloid fiction."

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