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Robert Pattinson aims for Kristen Stewart to be his exclusively again

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, the couple who had one of the most up and down relationship in Hollywood in recent years, are on their way to becoming an exclusive couple again. Kristen has always wanted to go back with Robert and live life the way it was before it was thrust wide open in the media after her affair.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: Time has gone by and hearts have healed so Rob is ready for an exclusive relationship with the woman he loves, Kristen.
Photo by Juan Naharro Gimenez/Getty Images

According to Yahoo News on April 2, Kristen invited Rob to her birthday party but because of his hectic schedule on the new movie he is filming “Life,” he wasn’t scheduled to make it. Well he dropped everything and headed back to L.A. to see her for her birthday and spend some quality time before her that day.

While the two have been hooking up occasionally and they talk often on the phone, they were also seeing other people. Now Rob is ready to go in for the real deal and bring their relationship back to where it once was. He really loves her, reports the insider.

Rob is ready to be with Kristen and only Kristen as womanizing was never his gig. The couple have been in an “open relationship” for a while now, but if it is up to Rob, that relationship will now turn exclusive. There reunion around Kristen's birthday has been in the works for some time as Softpedia reported Rob ready to go back with Kristen exclusively back in Feb.

This is what Kristen always wanted, so it looks like both want the same thing once again. Besides celebrating Kristen's 24th birthday on April 9, Rob is planning to spend as much time as he can with Kristen since landing back in L.A. in recent days.

This bit of news couldn’t make the “Twilght” saga fans happier. They have that chemistry on the screen, which turned into a real life love affair for the two, but Kristen straying blew that apart. Time has gone by and hearts have mended so it looks like it is Kristen and Robert once again.

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