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Robert Pattinson $6 million house sale tops Kristen love rumor

There is something symbolic about a love nest. And to see it go up, up, and away at millions often means the end of a couple’s life together. With over 50 articles about the sale, either the media likes stories that are true, rather than romance rumors, or that no one really believes that love in the air. Forbes reported that "Pattinson Sells Los Feliz Mansion" on Jan. 15, 2014 and the Los Angeles Times said: Robert Pattinson and Jim Parsons cut home deal (Photos). It seems that the home went for $6.375 million to the star of “The Big Bang Theory.”

Will it be love again?
Summit Films, movie still

So this may be the reason it tops the story from Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart "Top Priority" Skype Chats Fuels Romance Rumors. Hints at romance are never ending, but this particular Skype rumor originated with one of the best known teller of tales.

The love nest

It was in September of 2012 that we read of forgiveness and reconciliation where reports claimed the lovebirds were "moving into a secluded Los Angeles home together, and are hoping to rebuild their relationship." As you read here in “Lovebirds nesting, do not disturb,” if this happens to be the love nest, it is a sad day indeed.

To separate facts from tabloid fiction, the lovebird story was reported by the only Love and Marriage Examiner reporting consistently on this topic alone since 2008.

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