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Robert Oscar Lopez: Gay men planning to use surrogates as "breeding slaves"

Robert Oscar Lopez
Robert Oscar Lopez

In a March 11th, 2014 blog post to the inappropriately named American Thinker, "ex-gay" convert Robert Oscar Lopez accused gay men of planning to use surrogate mothers to bear their children as "breeding slaves."

"Gay men are men – to wit, men who define themselves as men-loving men who refuse to be involved with women," Lopez insists. "It's reasonable not to hate people for existing in such a male-centered way, but on the other hand, it's unreasonable to endorse without any caveats any aim or demand that such a group might articulate.

"Gestational surrogacy is a dream come true for woman-hating chauvinists who are bound to congregate under such an umbrella: men enjoy all the 'phallic' privilege that the bourgeois patriarchy can provide, and women are put in their place. Not even in the kitchen, no – in a barracks somewhere, patrolled by goons who will snatch away their babies whenever the men demand it."

Media Matters has reported that Lopez has an extensive history of shrill and outlandish statements against the LGBT community, such as calling same-sex relationships "a crime against humanity" and the push for LGBT equality the march of "full-body totalitarianism."

In this latest claim, Lopez clearly hopes to distort the difference between being in love with a member of the same gender and outright loathing of the entire opposite gender, as well as the difference between the actual real LGBT community that just wants to be left alone and the LGBT boogeyman of American Taliban fantasy who want to turn the entire world gay.

The A.T.'s war against reality remains as futile as ever.