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Robert L. Jackson, the voice behind Ghostface

"Scream" has been recently in the news because of the new MTV series, which did just write about the new cast members that were announced today, Aug. 5. The film series is a popular slasher series that started in 1996 and the recent movie to come out was "Scream 4," in 2011. Well anyway, this article though is going to look at one cast member from the movies and that is the man who is behind the voice of Ghostface. Sure we all know who the killers were, but who really did those phone calls? The answer is voice actor, Robert L. Jackson. Jackson has done the voice of Ghostface in all four "Scream" movies.

He's the voice that asks teenagers if they like scary movies, about horror movie trivia, he's also the voice that tries to mess with our heroine Sidney Prescott, and the list goes on and on. That's what makes Ghostface famous is the phone conversations, he has a creepy voice and he doesn't just make open threats. Sure the killer behind the mask is always the answer that helps end the movie, but who is the killer behind the phone calls? That's something that some probably don't think about too often.

Jackson even does the voice of Ghostface in the Adult Swim animated comedy, Robot Chicken. He also did the voice of a beloved and not always that beloved villain in the hit Cartoon Network show, "Powerpuff Girls." That character is of course Mojo Jojo.

If you look at his career he's also done a ton of voices for video games, some of those video games were:

  • "Final Fantasy X"
  • "Spider-Man Friend or Foe"
  • "Star Wars Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith"
  • "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine"
  • "Alice: Madness Returns"

So that's a brief look at the voice behind Ghostface, Robert L. Jackson. The voice that made us think twice about answering the phone.

"What's your favorite scary movie?"

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