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Robert Knight: America is becoming the "world's great Satan"

Robert Knight
Robert Knight
Fox News

Robert Knight has written in a January 31st, 2014 column for the Washington Times that, while he objects to Muslim extremists referring to the United States of America as the "world's great Satan," he wholeheartedly agrees that the U.S. is well on its way to becoming such.

Of course, anyone who knows Robert Knight will already know that he does not hold this opinion because of wars or espionage. It's because of gay rights.

Knight begins with the usual Religious Right talking point that liberals are to blame for his inability to simply look the other way from anything that he finds offensive, which he likens to living next to a nuclear waste dump: "You'd like to ignore it, but shards of spent fuel keep falling into your yard and setting your dog on fire. This is how non-progressive Americans increasingly view our ever-coarsening, 'progressive' popular culture and the ruling elites who promote it."

As expected, this is followed by another favorite trick of the Religious Right: Complaining that nobody is tolerant of his intolerance.

"The worst sin of all in the age of iron-fisted, liberal 'tolerance' is to react to moral degradation by failing to facilitate it," he writes. "If you get caught in a nonfestive mood, like the Christian bakery owners and wedding photographers who think the First Amendment protects their right not to be forced to celebrate sin, you are in legal jeopardy.

"Coming to your state, unless you live in Jerry Brown's California or Chris Christie's New Jersey, which already have this abomination, is a law that says right is wrong and that wrong is mandatory."

Somehow, Knight manages to tie this into conspiracy theories that Obama is trying to "stoke the fires of envy and spread more dependency" while also complaining about Republican leadership "-now trying to figure out how to raise the national debt and to turn 11 million undocumented Democrats into voters."

What this reveals is something many Americans have known from the start: The "intolerance" Robert Knight decries is actually a display of tolerance for people not like himself.

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