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Robert Graham debuts first consumer direct print catalog

Robert Graham

Robert Graham has officially announced that the brand will now feature a direct-to-consumer catalog, which is a first for the brand. With help from the internal marketing team of Robert Graham, this catalog will display the highly anticipated Spring/Summer 2014 Lifestyle Collection, which features a visually stunning Capri background.

The atalog features a 44-page spread featuring candid shots by experienced fashion photographer, Sergio Kurhajec. He really ensured that the collection was shown in the best possible way, by implementing a laser focus to bring out the richness of the detail, which is what the brand is famous for.

To make things even more exciting, Robert Graham will be launching a flippable digital catalog so that consumers can shop online and digitally. This will create many different avenues for consumers to shop the brand, and make it easily accessible.

"This is the first time we are showcasing a curated and complete lifestyle approach in the form of a shopping catalog that features a wide gamut of styles for the avid to the novice Robert Graham collector. The spring 14 catalog and collection is accessible, fresh and American Eclectic! The branded lifestyle approach is being served up as a print piece and digital to follow the customer through his various touch points, both brick and mortar and digitally," said Michael Buckley, Chief Executive Officer of Robert Graham.

Robert Stock, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Robert Graham, also explained, "It's not about appealing to a younger audience, per se, but more about making a holistic brand statement on all the platforms we know he/she frequents during the course of the day. Robert Graham launched a fully shop-able, flip-able digital catalog on its e-commerce and mobile sites for the purpose of creating a truly multi-channel shopping experience. The visuality on all the channels will complement all touch-points, and convert the customer to a sale. The digital catalog works in tandem to the customer experience of seeing and touching the actual hard copy in the mailbox."

The catalog hits homes nationwide this week and on