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Robert Gibbs to Democrats - "Senate Democrats have been the Great Houdini"

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Robert Gibbs, the former Obama White House Press Secretary, said on Sunday that the Senate is “definitely” in danger of changing hands in the November election.

Gibbs was appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” when he admitted the administration is in big trouble due to the disastrous Obamacare rollout and subsequent modifications many Republicans and some Democrats label “unconstitutional.”

Obamacare is “still providing a huge hangoverGibbs said, referring to the GOP who could engineer another “wave election” that could result in widespread Democratic losses in the House and Senate.

Senate Democrats have been “the Great Houdini” dodging the massive opposition of Obamacare with the American people. “They denied Republicans control of the chamber just when it looked as if the GOP had things sewed up.

The Democrats face the real threat of political demise in the 2014 mid-term election. But Gibbs finds a silver cloud, as he did as press secretary.

Gibbs said, “There is the possibility that the GOP will engineer another wave election that could result in widespread Democratic losses in the House and Senate.”

The former press secretary cited President Obama’s approval rating in the historically low 40-percent range and widespread voter dissatisfaction or even outrage over the president’s signature health care program.

If they succeed this time (Republicans), Obama will have a wretched time fending off a Republican controlled House and Senate during the final two years of his administration. The Republicans would be energized heading into the 2016 presidential campaign to make a sweep of things by winning back the White House.”

Gibbs ended his interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press” moderator David Gregory by warning, “If we lose the Senate, turn out the lights, the party’s over.”

Robert Gibbs may become the new “prophet” for desperate Democratic candidates as 2014 rolls on.

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