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Robert Gates' criticism of Obama is actually an endorsement

If one were to write a book describing President Obama’s leadership it might be called one of several titles:

Obama thanked Gates for his service, then Gates chided Obama in a book
  • The revolving door
  • The back door
  • The sideswipe
  • No exit

In all, there is a common chapter about passive aggression.

Robert Gates, former defense secretary and former CIA director isn’t fond of President Obama, and he said that President Obama didn’t want to be in Afghanistan. While Obama had an operational strategy in place, Gates claims that the President wasn’t committed to anything except to get out. On that, there should be applause.

Fighting terrorism requires careful and deliberate analysis in every specific situation. While drones and missiles are in the arsenal for combatting terrorism, the US must assess the threats with regard to our national interest. We must examine the nature of governments and sources of terror, their locations and capacity to project and spread terror.

Anyway, we embarked on the war in Afghanistan to track down bin Laden. He turned up in Pakistan, and Obama got him. The political party that gave to bin Laden a safe haven was the Taliban. We shoved them out and supported a replacement regime. The Taliban have been moved around to other locations and the al Qaeda and like-kinds have been moved around too. But, they still exist and persist.

America doesn’t have the financial capacity to clean up the Middle East and to solve the profound economic and political problems that create consequences that are the sources of terror. The best strategy for the US is to become energy independent and to leave them alone. They will die a natural death eventually because they have no economic means once the oil runs out.

Some believed that Robert Gates would have been a fine president. He may have been as he had the intellect and governmental experience. Yet, Gates is no politician.

“Robert Gates, former defense secretary, offers harsh critique of Obama’s leadership in ‘Duty’

View Photo Gallery — Robert Gates: A look at his career in government: He served as defense secretary under both presidents George W. Bush and Obama, bridging the two administrations and earning a reputation as careful, conservative and consensus-oriented.

By Bob Woodward, Tuesday, January 7, 2:41 PM

In a new memoir, former defense secretary Robert Gates unleashes harsh judgments about President Obama’s leadership and his commitment to the Afghanistan war, writing that by early 2010 he had concluded the president “doesn’t believe in his own strategy, and doesn’t consider the war to be his. For him, it’s all about getting out.”

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