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Robert Downey Jr offers hilarious moment on Golden Globe Awards stage (video)

Robert Downey Jr. made fans laugh on Sunday night when he suggested it was all about him. A presenter for the 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards didn't mind suggesting how he was going to profit with whomever would win the category. Sharing exactly how each individual would help him if they won, it was obvious the moment was lighthearted and brought a funny tone to the show.

“Let’s see how this plays out for me,” said Robert Downey Jr only seconds before opening the envelope. While the fans knew he was happy to be part of the show and wanted nothing else, it still was funny.

The presenters of the night really gave people an interesting glimpse of personal style. While Robert Downey Jr was funny, other stars were more serious and then some read the script directly off the teleprompter. All in all, it was the mix and match of the moment that pushed the show to a level rarely seen and many viewers appreciated each star and what they offered.

As for Robert Downey Jr., everyone knows that the star has a great sense of humor. Add that he was joking on Sunday night and the fans couldn't have thanked him enough for mixing up the moment.

Take a look at the video clip of Robert Downey Jr on stage at the Golden Globe Awards. Hopefully next year this star will return!

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