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Robert Downey Jr offers an ‘Iron Man’ speech for ‘People’s Choice’ win (video)

Robert Downey Jr had the fans of the People’s Choice Awards screaming with delight on Wednesday night. The entertainer picked up several awards and his moment on stage reminded everyone that he could slip into character any time he wanted. The Iron Man moment was just fine with the viewers.

After getting on stage, the actor asked that the sound of his microphone be changed slightly, that the spotlight was only on him and that there could be some triumphant music. After all the pieces were put together he thanked the fans in his Iron Man voice.

“I am Iron Man and this is for the people,” said Robert Downey Jr. on stage. “Thanks a lot this is really a pleasure. Thank you...people, people, people.”

The superhero moment really was a moment to remember as the fans of Iron Man know there are more movies to come and the man who portrays the man character could have mundanely thanked everyone and left the building. Instead he built it up and everyone will agree the triumphant music really helped make the moment.

Take a look at the video clip of Robert Downey Jr on stage at the People’s Choice Awards. With acceptance speeches like this, who needs entertainment? It was a pleasure to watch the Iron Man actor live!

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