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Robert B. Parker and Clive Cussler: Two new books, two great reads

One of our fave photos of Parker and pal
One of our fave photos of Parker and pal
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Forget sinking any Titanic.
Yet Clive Cussler keeps the titanic tomes coming. The Eye of Heaven (Putnam, $28.95) is the sixth and newest entry in the #1 New York Times bestselling Fargo Adventures series. Written by the grandmaster of adventure, Clive Cussler, with new co-author Russell Blake, The Eye of Heaven opens with the husband-wife team of Sam and Remi Fargo, adventurers extraordinaire, on a climate-control research expedition to the remote Arctic island of Baffin. They soon come across a most unexpected sight—a Viking ship, frozen in the ice. It seems to be in perfect condition, but even more amazingly, it is filled with pre-Columbian relics from Mexico.
As the Fargos begin to investigate that bizarre connection, they unearth evidence that suggests a link might exist between the Vikings and the legendary Quetzalcoatl—the feathered serpent god of the Toltec. And connected to them both is a fabled object known as the Eye of Heaven. But as the Fargos make inroads on decoding the mystery, it becomes evident that this rare treasure has become the target of several dangerous groups—a crime cartel, multiple treasure hunters, and others with more personal motives. To keep the Eye of Heaven from falling into their hands, the Fargos must race through jungles, secret tombs and temples, hoping that at the end of the road they will find a solution to this thousand-year-old mystery... rather than their own deaths.

Just because he died in January 2010, the legacy of Robert B. Parker, long considered the undisputed dean of American crime fiction, keeps going.
Welcome to “his” latest book, Robert B. Parker’s Blind Spot (Putnam, $26.95), written by Reed Farrel Coleman.
Jesse Stone, the police chief of Paradise, Massachusetts, left L.A. many years ago. It’s been even longer since he suffered the injury that ruined his budding career as a professional baseball player.
As the book opens, Jesse accepts an invitation to attend the New York City reunion of his old Triple-A team from Albuquerque, forcing him to grapple with his memories, and his regrets of what might have been. But the festivities at the reunion are cut short for Jesse when a young woman is found murdered back in Paradise, with her wealthy boyfriend nowhere to be found. Was he kidnapped? And if so, was the girl just collateral damage? Jesse has to rush back to Paradise to seek out those answers.
as he investigates the murder/kidnapping, Jesse sees that that one of his former teammates is starting to look like the prime suspect. Though not the only suspect—not by a long shot.
Soon enough the case escalates into a mash-up involving the Boston Mob, extortion, adultery, revenge, and—of course—murder most foul. And the investigation is complicated by a romance that sweeps Jesse out of his comfort zone, leaving his common sense trailing far behind.
As the conspiracy comes into focus, Jesse realizes that sometimes, danger comes not from where you expect it, but from your blind spots.

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