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Bedford killer Robert Atlas, Tracy Renee Anderson murdered

Tracy Anderson had hoped to have a nice family life with Robert Atlas. But Atlas, who was still attending bars late at night, stabbed her to death in their Texas apartment
Tracy Anderson had hoped to have a nice family life with Robert Atlas. But Atlas, who was still attending bars late at night, stabbed her to death in their Texas apartment
Police file photo, Facebook

CBS News reported yesterday that Bedford killer Robert Atlas, 26, confessed to police that he stabbed his pregnant girlfriend to death in their Texas apartment on March 21. In an affidavit obtained by the Star-Telegram, Tracy Anderson grabbed her cell phone and tried to call for help but died moments later on her bedroom floor.

The 6-page document outlines several chilling facts in the case:

  • Medical examiners noted stab wounds to Tracy Anderson's stomach and chin. The victim also had defensive wounds on her hands, indicating that she fought with her attacker.
  • Tracy Anderson was upset when she found her live-in-boyfriend at a bar late Friday night on March 21. Anderson showed up at the bar and argued with Robert Atlas, then left the bar visibly upset.
  • Atlas also told friends that Tracy had locked him out of their new apartment several times, and that he would "kick the door in" the next time.
  • When police arrived at the scene, they noticed that the front door frame was damaged, as if someone had forced their way into the apartment.
  • Detectives also stated in the affidavit that they found Tracy Anderson lying on her bedroom floor with her cell phone nearby. The pregnant woman had apparently crawled from the bathroom to the bedroom, where she pulled her cell phone from the wall. The charger was still attached.
  • Robert Atlas, whose favorite movie is "Bad Boys II," told his mother that he loved Tracy Anderson but told several others that he no longer wanted to be in a relationship with her.
  • In an eerie series of posts and comments on Facebook, Tracy Anderson stated: "Hate when people I love hurt me."
  • On Robert Atlas' Facebook page, his mother Brenda Atlas tells her son that Tracy Anderson is "beautiful just like your mommy. Treat her just like you would want a man to treat your mom, and sisters. I love you my son!"

Family members worried about Robert Atlas in the days leading up to his arrest and asked Facebook friends to contact them with any information.

One sister posted:

"WTH!!!!!!! Where is my brother Robert Atlas!!!???!!! Someone tell me something, please. Our family is asking for your prayers as we go thru this difficult time. We are trying to locate my brother Robert Atlas. If anyone hears anything from him, please inbox me."

Another post several days later continued:

"I think it's so sad that the only thing that grieving people can say or do is bash others. If you're celebrating someone's life, be happy. Telling lies about someone and failing to tell the whole truth is also disrespectful. It's no one's fault that neither family really knows the full truth. Some of us know partial truths. Others know half. Many don't have the slightest clue. That's the nature of personal relationships. Meanwhile, what can be proven is so different from speculation. I am calling a truce between my family and the family of Tracy Renee. Going back and forth with words and lies isn't fair. Conceding to what could later come out as facts about a relative can be very hard. But for now, let's just say enough is enough. Please know that we have also been affected by this tragedy. And we are sorry for your loss. We send prayers to your family for wisdom, peace and strength. Take this time and remember the blessings of Tracy and Ashton (and we thought her name was going to be McKenna). Thank you. #aweekagowewerefamily."

Brenda Atlas told the Star-Telegram that her son Robert Atlas, who has confessed to brutally stabbing his pregnant girlfriend in the face and stomach, "loved" Tracy and is "not a "monster."

Tracy Anderson-Robert Atlas timeline here.

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