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Robert amnesia: Help amnesia-sufferer 'Robert' remember who he is, hospital asks

“Robert” is suffering from severe amnesia, and a hospital in Europe has taken the unusual step of going public with their patient – sounding out an appeal and pics of the blue-eyed young man in the hopes that someone will tell Robert who he is.

Reports NBC News on July 10: “A young man who doctors believe has severe amnesia made a plea Thursday for help in solving the mystery of his own identity.” Given the name Robert by the medical staff in Peterborough, England, the man was found on May 18, unconscious and “without a wallet in a park two months ago but still cannot remember his name, age, or where he comes from,” says NBC.

Robert doesn't match any missing person report, and police say his fingerprints have not turned up an identity in any online databases.

Doctors say Robert is in his mid-20s and is otherwise in good health, and is even a very good basketball player (although he didn’t know what it was at first). Robert found that in additional to speaking English, he also understands Russian and Lithuanian. The amnesiac spoke about what’s it’s like to be without any memories or identity.

“At times, I am angry, frustrated, depressed, lost and confused,” said the man. ”The last few weeks have been truly horrible. I hope someone out there will recognize me and help.”

Dr. Manaan Kar-Ray, who has been treating Robert at the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust, said he and his staff have “made strenuous efforts to help him with his memory, including taking him back to where he was found, but nothing has been successful so far,” Dr. Kar-Ray said. “Understandably, he is now getting very frustrated. Amnesia can last from anything from a few hours to a number of weeks. Clearly this is very upsetting for him.”

Dr. Kar-Ray said Robert’s acute condition is typically onset by severe traumatic events “such as torture or a natural disaster,” but that in such cases, memories usually return within a few days. Not so for Robert. “I have been a psychiatrist for 15 years and I have never seen anything like this, It’s like something out of the movies,” Kar-Ray added.

“I just need to find out my name and I hope someone can help me,” Robert appealed.

According to NBC, Robert’s case “echoes previous identity mysteries such as the case of "Forest Boy" who told authorities in Germany he had lived in the wilderness and did not know his last name,” though that later turned out to be a hoax.

If you know who Robert is, please contact the Cavell Centre at Peterborough City Hospital.

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