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Robert amnesia: Dubbed 'Robert,' amnesia suffer in his 20s makes plea for help

Robert, a man with amnesia has made a plea for help, he hopes someone will recognize him because he has lost all memory of his identity.
Robert, a man with amnesia has made a plea for help, he hopes someone will recognize him because he has lost all memory of his identity.
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Who is Robert and does anyone know this face? A man with amnesia, who doctors named Robert, is asking the public for help after he was found in a park with no memory of who he is. He doesn't even know how he ended up in the park. As you can imagine, this is very frustrating for this man, suggests a report on NBC News on July 10.

Doctors are calling Robert's case “severe amnesia” as he has been without his memory now for a couple of months. The doctors treating Robert are trying everything known to the medical community to help him jog his memory, including bringing him back to the park where he was found. Today Robert is making a global plea for help. He is hoping someone will recognize his face and inform police of his identity.

According to ITV News, Robert’s doctor appeared on “Good Morning Britain” in hopes of getting his plight known so someone out there might recognize this man and come forward. The man remembers absolutely nothing about his past and Robert is hoping someone out there will recognize his face and help him piece his life together. Dr Manaan Kar-Ray, clinical director at the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust took to the airways to help in Robert's plight.

All that is known about Robert is that he was found in a park in London and he speaks English. He has an accent that is Eastern European and he understands Russian and Lithuanian.

Right now he is being cared for by doctors in Peterborough, England after being found in a park two months ago. When the man was found, he had no ID on him and he wasn’t carrying a wallet. He didn’t have so much as a receipt on his person or anything that the authorities could trace that might help in his identification process.

Doctors say that amnesia can last anywhere from a “few hours to a number of weeks. As in a case like Roberts even longer, as his has gone on for months so far. The “strenuous” efforts to help him regain his memory have failed and not knowing who he is has caused Robert to understandably become very frustrated, reports Dr Manaan Kar-Ray.

Robert looks to be in his early 20s, so there is a good chance at his age his parents are alive. Who is this young man found completely void of any memory? This mystery must also bring much apprehension to Robert, you can just imagine that this loss of memory comes along with worries that you might not like who you turn out to be once your identity is known.

Along with finding his identity, finding out what transpired to put Robert in this state of amnesia, which is also part of the mystery. Did something traumatic happen that wiped his mind of all memory? These are the questions that Robert will hopefully get answered if someone recognizes him and comes forward.

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