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Robby Krieger's Horse Latitudes recording studio

Robby Krieger has very quietly opened his Horse Latitudes recording studio this past spring. Robby recorded “Her Bullet’s Energy” for John Garcia’s recently released self-titled debut solo album, but Krieger hasn’t talked much about the studio until now. Blues-E-News interviewed Krieger in the studio and he talks a bit about it.

In the past Krieger has been tight lipped about the studio saying that besides having a state-of-the-art studio with digital recording equipment he will also have a studio with a Neve board that was used in the recording of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” album, which he reiterates in the new interview (for another Michael Jackson-Doors connection see the article “The Doors off the Internet”). The studio’s name, Horse Latitudes of course is a reference to a Doors song but he said he also called the studio that because there’s an equestrian facility nearby. Horse Latitudes also has some downtime facilities for artists in between sessions, the studio boasts a golf simulator game in which you can play any course in the world.

In the Blues-E-News interview (which you can watch above this article) Krieger talks about his life-long friend Billy Wolf (they studied Flamenco guitar together) will be recorded at the studio. With the projects Krieger has announced that have recorded or will record, the studio seems like a place for very personal and pet projects of Krieger’s will be recorded there.

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