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Robby Krieger jams with Black Flag

Last month Robby Krieger played two nights in Chicago but it turns out he played more than two shows. Robby played Reggie’s Music Joint in Downtown Chicago on June 17 and playing in an adjacent room was Black Flag so Robby joined in for a couple of songs.

The video at the top of this article is from a fan at the Black Flag show and shows the whole thirteen minutes Krieger jammed with the band. The video has a (probably unintended) effect of washing out the colors onstage but it has a fairly trippy psychedelic effect that adds to the performance. If there are any Black Flag fans out there we’ll defer to them on which songs Robby is jamming on.

Black Flag in its latest incarnation features Greg Ginn the man who formed Black Flag in 1976 and was the creative vision behind the band. Black Flag is probably most famous for the period when Henry Rollins was the lead singer and has had several different incarnations post-Rollins (pre-Rollins as well). Since January 2013 Black Flag has been touring, and the shared experience of Krieger of involved in a lawsuit with past members of the band (including Rollins) over the use of the Black Flag name and logo.

If you would like to read a review of Robby’s performance the next night in Joliet, Illinois please see the article “Robby Krieger at Mojoes” (see related articles below about Robby's ties to the punk group the Mau Mau's). If you would like to watch a video of Robby with Black Flag that is a little closer to the stage see this video on Youtube.

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