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Robby Krieger celebrates Jimi Hendrix at SXSW

Robby Krieger is rock ‘n’ roll legend as the guitarist of The Doors and he created some of the most instantly identifiable riffs in rock music. The roar of his guitar in “When the Music’s Over”, his sitar influenced opening of “The End”, and he moved Jim Morrison with his playing in “Roadhouse Blues.” Just as it goes into the solo, Morrison screams “Do it Robby! Do it!” Of all the guitar heroes of the 60’s, all looked up to Jimi Hendrix, and on March 13th Krieger joined the Jimi Hendrix Celebration at SXSW (South by Southwest).

The Jimi Hendrix Forever stamp was released today March 14, 2014.
United States Postal Service

The celebration was for the release of the Jimi Hendrix Forever stamp (see left sidebar of this article) that the U.S. Post Office released today. The stamp is a psychedelic hue that captures Hendrix playing the guitar. The stamp captures the tone and feel of Hendrix’s music.

Krieger joined Slash and Mary Bridget Davies, star of the Broadway show “A Night With Janis Joplin”, for a rendition of Hendrix‘s “Red House” (mislabeled on the video as “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore”). Slash handles most of the leads, but Krieger is given his due with a solo towards the end of the song.

The Hendrix Forever stamp was released today (March 14, 2014). If you would like to purchase the stamp, they can be found at the United States Postal Service website. The postal service has announced plans for a Jim Morrison stamp in the future as well. Robby Krieger will be joining the Experience Hendrix tour for a few dates at the end of April (see related articles below).

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