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Robbie Keane Plays "Weatherman" in Draw with Chicago

Yesterday, in a preview of the hot summer heat, LA Galaxy escaped Toyota Park with a 1-1 draw with Chicago Fire.

Keane Hates the Heat.
Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

With temps approaching 90 degrees, and the humidity off the charts, Robbie Keane whined that "Everyone was affected by the heat", and that "no player wants to play in that humidity."

While I agree with Robbie that playing footy in the heat is difficult, it is one of the competitive advantages certain teams have over the other.

It benefited the Fire yesterday, taking the pace of play out of the visiting team, allowing the struggling club to gain a point against the star studded Galaxy.

Sitting with Section 8 in the blazing sun, I knew how hot it was as well. It was impressive the tempo at which the Fire played, with some great runs by Quincy Amarikwa and a few near goals for the men in red. But the heat in the end did sap the home team, and allow for American Legend, Landon Donovan to equalize in the 74th minute.

It is a shame that whoever makes the scheduling decisions for MLS pens in these mid day games in the Summer heat. I cringe every time I see Houston or Dallas playing in the hot midday sun. Not only does it slow the game down, it also affects the fans. Who wants to sitt in the blazing sun? Especially at a stadium like Toyota Park, where only the toughest and most loyal of fans, Section 8 Chicago, would brave that seating without a roof for coverage overhead.

Keane's meteorological observation comes at an interesting time in the Soccer schedule as we approach the Brazilian World Cup.

Odds say that it would be difficult for USA to replicate their miraculous victory over Portugal in 2002 again, but because of the Amazon Jungle heat in Manaus, USA's Summer Footballers will have a competitive advantage over Portugal when they meet on June 22nd. American Soccer players have to play in the summer heat, while the rest of the world plays the Beautiful Game in the Fall and Winter months.

Hopefully Keane's suggestion will someday be heeded in MLS, but for now, as the old adage goes, "if you can't handle the heat, stay out of the kitchen".

Despite the heat, I must say, Keane looked great out there. I can only imagine what the scoreline would have looked like without the heat.

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