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"Robbery in Progress spills into CitiBank"

The GreenLofts
The GreenLofts
paave/udm group LLC

Yesterday afternoon at (approximately 5:15 pm), while walking with my bike on Minnesota Avenue, two African American men (1 older, 1 younger), began walking on either side - in stride with me along the avenue. They began a casual conversation about 70's & 80's Sitcoms and I joined them. Before I knew it, the older man snatches the bike and rides away. In the same instance, I immediately began to struggle with the young man and actually managed to pull him into The CitiBank on the corner - between Benning Road and Clay Street - where I thought I can get some Police Help! I ask the Security Officer and Staff to call the Police because I was just robbed by two men and the one I have was one of them. They're reply, "We're not calling Nobody, You need to get Out"!!! The young man then recognizes a man in the Bank, who identify himself as his uncle. I explained to the "uncle" what just happened, that his nephew was with another man and is involved in a theft. The man says, "Not my nephew," and began approaching me. At the point, and I'm no dummy - I felt for my safety because The Bank Security or Staff even offered no assistance, not even to call the police to assist me. Unfortunately, I had no power in my mobile unit, but called 911 soon after about 5:30 pm. I moved here from Philadelphia not that long ago to escape violence. I have a beautiful and smart two year old daughter and operate a business, nonprofit organization, and volunteer time, energy and resources on youth development through creative education toward building a Smarter Community. I was not physically harmed, just shaken some.

These have greater implications and may speak directly to (Safety & Public Policy) in general, and with regard to petty theft and other specific crimes in the area. While unemployment, adequate education and a stable way of living goes unnoticed and unchecked, we must begin to utilize the strengths of the community toward levering the necessary resources for the community we all live and play. It almost because imperative that; "we are able to organize around building a healthier environment i.e. PAAVE: Social Impact 2034 - which compliments existing efforts, and can only enhance our individual and collective experiences in our community. And as I write, and bombard residents with actual events and continued dialogue about the community - at - large. Crime prevention; its issues, challenges, triumphs and shortcomings has persuaded me to indulge a little, as I consider myself to be a competitive player.

I officially invite DC officials, investors, stakeholders and the general public to a creative jobs approach District-wide. Innovative "House the Homeless" program - providing "The District" can support or implement programming - to provide an "Inventory of Surplus Property," where these will be rehabbed ( and crossed-marketed within a collaborative support system to fit the needs of seniors and homeless persons with PAAVE: SmartHomes Housing Initiative.

What does DC have to lose???