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Robbery and house burglary can result in ID theft

When a criminal gets your wallet, through robbery or burglary, he usually has what he needs for ID theft.
When a criminal gets your wallet, through robbery or burglary, he usually has what he needs for ID theft.
Dan Vale

Robbery and house burglary now can result in more than just a loss of preppers’ valuables and their feelings of safety. Robbery and house burglary also can have the lingering danger of ID theft. In the U.S. today, ID theft is the fastest growing crime.

To reduce their chances of being robbed, preppers should avoid:

  1. Establishments such as small, inner city convenience stores or liquor stores at night.
  2. Gas stations with caged attendants and surveillance cameras.
  3. Race tracks, casinos, and expensive restaurants, unless they have valet parking.
  4. Streets on which there seems to be more scary people visible than law abiding citizens.
  5. Alcohol intoxication that will make them less vigilant in unfamiliar public places, especially during vacations
  6. Clumsy money transactions that will reveal their large denomination bills.
  7. Night time automatic teller transactions by themselves.
  8. The opening of their hotel doors for anyone unless they know them and trust them.
  9. Entering hotels through side or back doors.
  10. Taxi drivers that are free lance or unlicensed.
  11. Parking at night in deserted, dimly lit areas on the edges of large shopping mall parking lots.
  12. Being the only person using Interstate highway rest rooms at night.

Without spending too much money, time, or effort, here are simple ways for preppers to prevent burglary:

  1. Pretend you are locked out of your home, and try to find a way to enter.
  2. Look in your windows to see if any expensive items are easy to see.
  3. Have an agreement with your neighbors to watch each other’s homes.
  4. Own a watchdog.
  5. Install a burglary alarm system, or at least put up burglary alarm company decals.
  6. Install window key locks to secure your windows, especially if your windows have small panes which are framed with metal strips.
  7. Install a solid metal or metal framed hardwood door.
  8. This door should have hardened steel, deadbolt locks that have pins at least one inch long.
  9. This door should have no windows in it.
  10. Have external, motion-sensitive lights mounted out of reach.
  11. Cut your lawn before you leave home for an extended time period, and make sure that your mail and newspapers don’t accumulate outside of your house.
  12. Arrange to have a house sitter stay in your house, or have a car parked outside while you are on vacation.

If your ID is ever stolen, visit:

  1. The Maryland Attorney General’s website.
  2. The Baltimore ID theft lawyer website.
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