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Robber sends victim, friend request on Facebook

Social Media News
Social Media News

On May 31, 2014, ABC News reported a robber actually sent their victim a friend request on Facebook. Apparently, the woman had her iPod and purse stolen, while at a ferry terminal in Port Orchid, Washington.

The 28-year-old male, Riley Allen Mullins, from Shelton, was charged with second-degree robbery at Kitsap District Court on May 30, 2014. Authority confirmed the friend request came from a Facebook account owned by Mullins, which had a profile image of Mullins showing the tattoo on his neck.

I was listening to my headset when I was stuck on the head from behind, a man grabbed my iPod and purse and ran,” the woman told authorities. The only description she could give with any clear description of her attacker was of a tattoo of a triangle on the man’s neck.

While we all use social media sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter to our advantage the dangers are there lurking. Maybe it’s time to ask yourself do you really know those in your connection.

There are several things you can do to stay safe on Facebook. For instance, connect with only those you know or those who come recommended by someone in your connection.

Before accepting a friend request, look at the person’s profile. If you can’t see status updates, photos or posts by others this should be a “red flag”.

Look at their friends list, it speaks volumes about a person, if a friend request comes from a person with their friends list compiled of all women in provocative poses it’s something you should probably decline.

Also, glimpse through the profile pictures of their friends to get an estimated range of age. If most the people are older than you are or younger than you, this would also be a “red flag” and the question, “Why did they friend request me?” should pop into your head.

Listen to your inner voice when receiving friend requests, your subconscious may pick up on something you’re unaware of. We have all done it, you accept someone and before too long, delete them thinking why did I ever connect with that person.

If you take the time to really look at the profile of those who send you a friend request, you’ll come to the conclusion of how well the connection may suit both your needs. Ask yourself, are you looking to make a new friend, network with those of like minds or maybe start a new business venture.

Some other safety things to keep in mind never post that you are going away on vacation, where you will be or who with. Save that for after you get back to tell everyone about; it’s like inviting a robber to rob you.

Thankfully, the victim in this reported incident is safe. We hope we have given you some things to think about, happy posting.