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Robber's Footprints Lead Police to Akron Home

The trail of evidence in a bank robbery in Akron lead investigating police around the corner and straight to the home of the suspected bank robber.

David Myles Sr. 38 of Akron, Ohio was arrested in his home less than an hour after the robbery of the West Market St. Bank. His home is located just around the corner from Fifth Third Bank where Police said he entered at, 656 W. Market St., about 11:30 a.m., passed a note mentioning a weapon to a teller and took an undisclosed amount of cash.

Heavy snow and little wind in the area gave police the break they needed to solve the case so quickly.

''They followed his prints to his residence,'' police Lt. Rick Edwards said.

Myles has been charged with aggravated robbery and is being held in Summit County Jail.

The robbery was the second in the area in a day and the fifth robbery in Ohio in the year. 90 minutes before the robbery of the Fifth Third Bank a man described as white, wearing a green hooded sweatshirt, boots and a colorful scarf robbed First Merit Bank, also in Akron.

Police say a man wearing a plaid jacket, hood, a dark hat, sunglasses and dark gloves robbed a Citizen’s Bank in Chillicothe last week and two teenaged girls, who are still at large are suspected of robbing a 1st National Bank in Cincinnati on January 5th.


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