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Rob Zombie defends 'Halloween' remake

Rob Zombie proves he holds his own on internet scuffles
Photo by Jag Gundu/Getty Images has reported today, July 28th 2014 on Movie Pilot writer Amy Martin's scathing article accusing horror filmmaker and shock rocker Rob Zombie of favoring his remake of John Carpenter's Halloween over the original. Due to backlash over the questionable accuracy of her statements, the article has been pulled.

Her only source seemed to be a fan-made video on youtube showing various news interviews of Zombie speaking out of context, and linking them together in a haphazard fashion with the editor narrating over it.

One fan in particular she angered was Zombie himself.

Disputing nearly every quote Martin had, supposedly 'critiquing' Carpenters cult classic, Zombie vehemently defended the original, which he has praised in other interviews, and stated he had gotten Carpenter's blessing before proceeding with the remake in 2007.

Rob Zombie started film making in 2000 with "House of 1000 Corpses" followed by the equally well-received "Devil' Rejects" before tackling the 1978 classic's remake.

Rob Zombie had spoken out more than once on remaking classic movies, saying “It’s like a [rock] band going trying to be another band.” Through this the editor of the youtube video concluded that Zombie thought little of the classic “Halloween”, and sought to improve it.

Zombie went so far as to phone Carpenter himself to laud his movie and request his blessing on the project . Carpenter was excited about seeing his immortal classic reimagined and encouraged Zombie to “Great, make it your own. ….Don't worry about my movie. Just make your movie. ”

Intended mainly as a tribute and re-imagining, Rob Zombie disputes ever criticizing Carpenter’s work or characters, and denies ever claiming his own work as superior.

The critiques on the youtube video cite certain aspects of Carpenter’s movie that Zombie was trying to “clean up” or explain to the audience, such as the famous mask, and whether or not Michael Myers can drive after being locked up for twenty years. Nowhere in the video does Zombie laud his own work over Carpenter’s.

Shortly after the Movie Pilot article posted, fans everywhere on social media shared and commented their own opinion, going from defense of the remake to sticking to the original just on principle. Rob Zombie himself spoke out violently against the author via his Facebook, using unapologetically strong language to state his own position on his work, claiming the article looked “ as though written by a fourth grader”.

After posting his opinion and defense on his Facebook, the article has been pulled from the Movie Pilot website.

The youtube video is still up however, and can be seen here.

The author of this ill-fated article has hopefully learned a valuable lesson. No matter what the author’s take is on remakes of classic horror, it pays to research before ranting on the internet about them.

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