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Rob Sigg discusses benefits of Toll Free numbers

It wouldn't surprise most people to know that some businesses have toll free numbers for their customers to call on, but what might surprise most people is that every now and again, you might hear of a person having a toll free number in their house for certain people to call them on. If a person has relatives in other states outside of where they are living, and they are on a tight budget for one reason or another, a person might invest in a toll free number so that their loved ones can call them especially in the event of an emergency. Another person might invest in a toll free number if they have a loved one overseas that is in the military or for other reasons like work. This way the person overseas can call home in the event of an emergency and not have to worry about the cost of the phone call at the time that it is placed. Some parents might invest in a toll free number and give it to their preteen and teenage children to use in the event that they have gone out and need to call home and the do not have money for the pay phone. A business might invest in a toll free number to reach out to potential customers outside of their local calling area in hopes that potential customers might like their products better than a company in the potential customers local calling area, but they do not have long distance services available on their phone, so by having the toll free number available, they were able to make the sale to the customer outside of their local calling area.

Some preteen and teenage children might make poor choices like riding home with someone who should not be behind the wheel of their car for one reason or another because they did not have access to a phone or did not have money to make a phone call. These scenarios often end in tragedy because the preteen or teenager felt that they had no way to get a hold of someone to come get them from their friend's house or some other location.

These are just a few benefits of a toll free number.
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