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Rob Portman—another elitist seeking yet another term

Rob Portman
Rob Portman
public domain

Rob Portman is part of the problem, not the solution. This career politician has held office a good part of his adult life and now he is seeking a seat in the U.S. Senate.

An elite group of people, which Portman belongs to, goes form one office to the next while shutting the door on any average Joe and Jane who might pursue these offices. Portman and others like him are backed by the big political machines of their parties and the people with the money.

These politicians are all lawyers, as is Portman. Our Founding Fathers envisioned all sorts of people holding seats in Congress and the first Congresses clearly reflected that. Something is clearly wrong when only one occupation holds all of the elected offices in this country.

The people no longer have any power, which has shifted to the party bosses and the people with the money who are backing them. Voting makes no sense when the candidates, and in some cases even the winner, has already been pre-decided. The Presidential primaries give the people the option of voting for the two candidates that have already picked in the back room. Though Hillary raised a lot of money on the internet, in reality she had no chance against Barack Obama, who was the chosen one of the Democratic Party, and the one who got the backing and all the money.

Rob Portman was also handpicked, leaving the people with the only option of rubber stamping him into office. Barring a major felony, Portman will go on to spend another twenty or thirty years in office. What is the point of voting in November? The choice of your next Senator isn’t yours, and it never was.

Rob Portman’s web site is:


  • What? 5 years ago

    What the hell is the "Cincinnati Events Examiner" doing writing about this? Also, your spelling and spacing are horrible. If you are going to cross out of your topic area, at least know what you are talking about and make your story look presentable. Wow.

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