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Rob Morrison arrested: 121 weekend calls to wife lead to charges

Rob Morrison arrested for violating protection order in place for Ashley
Photo by Scott Wintrow/Getty Images

Former WCBS news anchor Rob Morrison was arrested this week after his wife Ashley went to the police over his incessant calling. The Daily News shared the details surrounding the case on Wednesday. Though Morrison maintains he did nothing wrong, it seems the authorities do not necessarily agree.

Many may remember that Rob Morrison was arrested in 2013 after an incident where he allegedly choked and threatened his wife Ashley. The two have reconciled since then, but it seems things are not going entirely smoothly. The incident in question occurred after the two started arguing about possibly relocating.

Morrison stated after the arrest, via the Connecticut Post, that Ashley had initiated the discussion about the relocation. He says he tried to put her off because their son was nearby. Rob says she became aggressive, and when their son Jack was seen crying as he overheard the fight, Ashley made Rob leave the house. The protective order that was in place allowed Rob to visit the house, but he was not to harass his wife.

After he left, Rob says Ashley cut off communication and he “became concerned.” Morrison says he just wanted to know that Jack was all right, and over the course of the next couple of days he “tried like h*ll to get in touch” with Ashley. He adds that the couple reconciled by the end of the weekend. However, in the meantime, Ashley went to the police.

Ashley Morrison went to the police after her husband had tried calling her 121 times, reports indicate. She was said to be physically shaking and scared when she went to the police on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. According to Darien Police Sgt. Keri Isaac, she also indicated that she believed Rob “could kill her if she has him arrested.” She also said that her husband said she would never get rid of him.

Later it seems Ashley had a change of heart and felt “irate” over the warrant issued for Rob Morrison's arrest. She seemingly did not want to pursue charges, but the former CBS anchor is facing charges of second-degree harassment and violating a protective order. His next court hearing is slated for July 15.

Rob Morrison's lawyer, Frank DiScala, told the Darien Times that there was no threat of violence and the couple has been “getting along great” prior to the incident. He added that even if Ashley did say she feared for her life, “people do get emotional.” He said he thinks “This couple needs to be left alone.”

The couple worked through the 2013 choking incident, as Rob Morrison attended a family re-entry program and the charges were reduced. However, it seems the relationship continues to be unsettling. Will seeing Rob Morrison arrested for violating the protective order have any long-term effects on their relationship this time?

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