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Rob Lyons of Splat Entertainment offers an explanation for Rockesha debacle

Rockesha was abruptly cancelled on June 21
Rockesha was abruptly cancelled on June 21
Copyright 2014 John Schulze

Splat Entertainment took to their official Facebook page earlier today June 23 to clarify what happened on June 21 when Rockesha was cancelled abruptly. Only Eric Martin performed a short set and fans were sent home before they could see Firehouse, Lita Ford, Quiet Riot and Warrant perform. The owner of Splat Entertainment, Rob Lyons, said that none of the bands or the Waukesha Fairgrounds had any blame in the matter.

Lyons, in fact, took the entire blame of the debacle upon himself and stated that he doesn't blame the fans for being extremely upset with him. In his statement Lyons said, "The fact of the matter is that we did not come close to the presale or day of show ticket purchases." Lyons went on to say that it's his responsibility to get the bands the rest of the money they are due.

The story takes a strange turn at this point. Lyons claims that a business associate, who he says is currently sitting in a mental institution in the Madison area, failed to bring him a $15,000 cashiers check on June 6. Lyons said that he had to call the police because of this situation to press charges against his friend. The details about where the $15,000 came from and what it has to do with Rockesha were not made clear.

Lyons did offer some numbers to the public to clarify what he was dealing with. Lyons said that he had $41,750.00 in deposits already paid to the bands, stage, fairgrounds and other costs. He also said that on the day of the show he had just 47 paid patrons walk up to the event for tickets. As for attendance, Lyon insisted, "We had a total of about 1,200 people there on Saturday via VIP and general admission, of those, the radio stations gave away roughly 500 tickets and VIP's, sponsors also received tickets and VIP passes."

Lyons also made a statement regarding the money he collected, stating that, "Since January 1st, 2014 until the day of the show, we had just over $25,000.00 in paid tickets via Paypal, Groupon and in person cash, we also collected about $4,800 in sponsorships, both low." He went on to say that, "We spent almost $12,000.00 in advertising via 3 radio stations, paid prints, Facebook boosts, etc. All of this information is verifiable."

In a final statement made on the Facebook page Lyons claims that he is ready to make it up to the patrons of Rockesha. Lyons said, "What I need to do now is come up with a plan to start reimbursing all of the fans who had their weekends ruined over this. Nobody feels worse than I do, my heart aches for everyone, I had people that flew in for this and this fell apart, I will never be able to apologize enough. I will be pursuing legal action against my "friend" as I am sure a few of you are planning the same on me. For those out there posting that this was fraud, that is not the case. All we wanted to do was put together a great concert so all of you could have a great time."

No timeline for the reimbursement was given and it's still unclear if the event will be rescheduled as stated previously.

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