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Rob Kardashian weight: Rob Kardashian hits the gym, weight struggle continues

Rob Kardashian battles weight loss
Splash News Online

Rob Kardashian wants to lose weight and has been trying different things to do so -- but it doesn't look like the pounds are coming off. Despite a different diet and a steady exercise schedule, Rob still looks like he is having a hard time dropping pounds. On Feb. 12, Us Weekly posted a photo of Rob leaving a gym in Los Angeles.

"I still have to lose like 40 to 50 pounds believe it or not. Six months I should be there," Rob told Us Weekly last year around this time. Obviously losing weight isn't easy and sometimes six months turns into a year plus -- and that's okay -- as long as you stick with it.

Rob Kardashian's weight has been an issue for him for the past couple of years. On one hand it seems like he's focused and really trying but sources close to him say that he just doesn't show up for training sessions and his family is really worried about him.

"Rob is really depressed. He's not as close with his family right now, and he won't answer a lot of texts and calls from friends," a source told Us Weekly. If you watch "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," however, you have probably realized that Rob is a bit of a loner/leaner. When he's with other people, he does what they do but he's also known for going off and doing his own thing without involving people. This was evident when he was living with Khloe and Lamar and then when he moved out.

Rob Kardashian's weight is affected by how he lives his life. When he lived with Khloe and Lamar, he ate all of the junk food in their house. He also hung out with Lamar who is supposedly a junk food fanatic -- cue the weight gain. Since Rob has been on his own, doing his own thing, he has been spotted at the gym more frequently. So will the weight come off? Yes. But Rob has to keep working at it!

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