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Rob Kardashian in tears flees Italy: Kim upset he didn't drop weight for wedding

Rob Kardashian was in tears when he left the rest of his family in Italy before Kim and Kanye’s wedding took place. The only brother of Kim Kardashian left the over-the-top affair before they said "I do" after he was reduced to tears over his sister expressing her disappointment in him. Kim was upset that he hadn’t lost weight ahead of her special day, according to the New York Daily News on May 25.

Rob Kardashian flees in tears before Kim's wedding. Apparently Kim was disappointed that he didn't lose any weight for her wedding day and this hurt the only brother of the Kardashian sisters.

Rob, who has been struggling with his weight for some time now, feels as if he doesn’t fit in with all the beautiful people of the Kardashian gene pool. It seems as if Rob was uncomfortable from the first minute he stepped off the plane.

The straw that broke the camel’s back came with Kim displaying her disappointment that her baby brother was still carrying around all that extra weight that she had hoped would have been gone for the wedding and the wedding pictures.

Feeling like he didn’t fit in at all, he “rushed to leave Florence" ahead of his sister’s wedding ceremony. He was in “tears as he desperately tried to secure a seat” on a flight back to L.A., reports TMZ. How sad this is for Rob, who like millions of others out there today struggle with being overweight.

The few pictures that were captured of Rob showed a young man trying to hide his face and refusing to acknowledge the camera. A source reported to X17 that:

"Rob said he was sickened by Kim and Kanye's display of wealth and clothes and beauty and called it 'superficial bulls--t. Kim was pissed that Rob hadn't made an effort to drop any weight over the past few months."

Rob’s disgust over the entire affair was wrapped up in the hurt he felt after his weight became an issue for his sister who strives to be epitome of perfection. The 27-year-old thinks that Kim cares only about his appearance and not about him sharing her big day. He said “to make life easier” for his big sister, he would just leave, said the source.

Rob recently posted a tweet after rumors of him going to “fat camp” circulated the online world. He was adamant that this wasn’t the case saying he doesn’t believe in rehabs and facilities for something someone can do for themselves. He also said he is a grown man and he will work on his weight his own way and in his own time and not because someone is telling him to do this.

It seems as if Rob’s weight is quite the Achilles’ heel for this young man. You can’t help feel for him, his entire family is in the headlines for their styles and their beauty.

Even his mother and step father are open about the work they have had done to improve on their looks. Although it looks as if Bruce Jenner, Rob’s step-dad, may have gone too far. He is looking a bit bizarre lately with everything on his face possibly a little too tight.

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