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Rob Kardashian rips fat-shamers after 70-pound weight gain: 'Duh, I'm fat'

Rob Kardashian responds to weight gain fat-shaming: 'I'm aware I'm fat'

Rob Kardashian hit back at fat shamers commenting on his recent 70-pound weight gain, saying he's well aware he's overweight. Rob took to Twitter to respond to recent remarks that he has not lost any weight despite repeated attempts to slim down.

"So I found out I was trending for being fat," Kardashian tweeted. "Thank you all, it really made my day." Rob also slammed reports that he had gone to fat camp to lose weight ahead of sister Kim's May 24 wedding.

'I Didn't Go To Fat Camp, Rehab or Therapy'

To the blogs saying I went to fat camp or rehab, LOL. Then why am i still fat, u fools?? y'all must have run out of real news. First, i don't believe in rehab or therapy, and second I'm a grown man and will work on myself when i choose. I'm aware that I'm fat. that def aint a surprise to me lol. and my only therapy will be in the gym. anyways, had to say something."

Meanwhile, big sister Khloé Kardashian defended Rob, ripping people who made fun of his weight. "Some of you people are disgusting for calling others names and picking on them," Khloe tweeted. "You should be ashamed of yourself. our words are cutting deeper then you know and are possible leaving lifetime scars! What shallow souls some of you are. Its sickening to critique anyone off of their appearance. Grow up!"

The 5-foot-10 Rob who reportedly weighs 260 pounds, has made no secret of his struggle to slim down after gaining 70 pounds during the past three years. Rob's weight has made numerous headlines, especially during the past few months, as reports surfaced that he was considering stomach-stapling surgery.

Rob Was Pre-Diabetic and Almost Had Kidney Failure

Rob's weight has been a running theme on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" for the past three years. On a recent episode, a doctor's visit revealed Rob, 27, was in danger of developing diabetes and kidney problems.

“Your liver is shutting down,” said Rob's mother, Kris Jenner. “This is life-threatening at this point. You can only sustain this level of being unhealthy for so long.”

Kardashian began crying while undergoing laser treatment to remove stretch marks and several arm tattoos. “I don’t even want to sit down because of how fat I am," he sobbed to his mother off-camera. "I don’t know what to do.”

Rob confessed that he really wants to lose weight for his health, since his father (the late attorney Robert Kardashian) died from esophageal cancer in 2003 at age 59. "It’s a shock to me," said Rob. "I have numbers that are freaking my whole family out. My dad passed away super-early, so my sisters could never handle that again. That’s what everybody is super-concerned about.”

Sister Kim Lost 56 Lbs on Low-Carb Ketogenic Atkins Diet

Rob had a rippling physique when he first starred on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" in 2007. He remained in phenomenal shape until 2012, when he went through a public breakup with singer Rita Ora.

Rob's sisters Kim, Khloe and Kourtney have all expressed concern that his weight gain has made him reclusive and extremely depressed. Kourtney recently remarked that Rob's serotonin levels were dangerously low.

Meanwhile, Kim has maintained her 56-pound weight loss by working out daily and following the low-carb Atkins diet, a high-fat ketogenic-style diet known for producing rapid weight loss.

Kim said losing the baby weight was the hardest thing she had ever done, but also one of the most rewarding. "I work out so hard and this was such a challenge for me but I did it!" she tweeted. "I'm so proud of my accomplishment."

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