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Rob Kardashian on 'Biggest Loser': Kris Jenner gunning for season 16 spot?

Will Rob Kardashian do 'Biggest Loser' this fall?
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Is there a Rob Kardashian and “Biggest Loser” pairing in the mix? That's the buzz, and there have been celebrities on the show before. Would the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star really join the weight loss show? Hollywood Life shared the scoop on Wednesday.

Sources for Hollywood Life claim that Kris Jenner, Rob's mom, is the force between the Rob Kardashian/”Biggest Loser” plan. “KUWTK” fans should expect no less really. People know that Rob has been struggling with his weight for some time now, and there are said to be depression issues in the mix as well. Rob has really pulled away from the show and the family, it seems, so would he really put himself in front of the cameras like this? Many aren't so sure.

Supposedly Kris is pushing Rob and the show to have him on the season filming this fall. Some might think the timing seems off on being able to make that happen, but it seems there is an opportunity there. According to the Biggest Loser Casting Facebook page on June 11, season 16 participants were just notified they made the show. It seems plausible that Rob Kardashian could join “The Biggest Loser” for this fall if he were willing and the show wanted him.

That said, it sounds as if Rob isn't sure he wants to do it, a move that really shouldn't surprise any “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” fans. Considering that it seems Rob left Kim and Kanye's wedding because he felt self-conscious about his weight and being in family photographs, would he really throw himself into a reality TV show where it's all laid out for the world to see? It sounds like it may come down to how hard Kris Jenner pushes on this one.

Despite all of the drama surrounding the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” clan, it does seem that Rob has a lot of fan support. While they surely would love to see him get healthier again, both physically and mentally, is this the right way to make it happen? Stay tuned for more news and spoilers regarding the supposed Rob Kardashian/”Biggest Loser” pairing for season 16.

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